FastLegacy is a company designed to help the less fortunate by providing a Powerful Affiliate Hosting Plan to help you generating wealth bundled with Educational Services and Quality Products.  Our Marketing Rewards Hosting Plan can reward you 4 different ways! 

Here in FastLegacy we like to keep things simple but fun at the same time. Our corporate team has over 40 years in combined business experience in the industry of Marketing and our passion is to help create wealth in others and push people to the top!

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The FastLegacy Corporate Family started this company with one very important objective in mind and that is to reach out to the masses and provide an affordable Affiliate Hosting Services with built in Software and Tools as well with step by step coaching and quality products of real value that can create for you a life changing income. We want to touch the lives of countless people from all walks of life and provide a service and system that has the potential of making dreams a reality.

Our advocacy from the commencing and creation of our wonderful company has always been education and helping the people in need, especially the poorest of the poor. This is why we call our project, "Project Stop Poverty!"

Our Corporate Partnership with over 40 years of combined business experience understands the challenges of our society and how difficult life can be, therefore we wanted to make a difference in people's lives. As a company we knew this would not be an easy task, financial profit sacrifices had to be made in order to accomplish this goal by giving more back to our Affiliates and community through our Affiliate Hosting Services than what we would earn in return. Unlike other companies out there, especially in the Traditional Network Marketing industry known as (MLM), we see that the ones who are truly profiting are no other than the owners behind these schemes and sadly it's off the efforts of those who became prey to such platforms. Generating an income is not as easy as they make it appear to be and not counting the price of entry these business models require to get started which countless people just can't afford. Although many of these systems may be considered legal and widely accepted in many countries, we find it shameful how much hype is being promoted that is far from the truth and we are tired of seeing good hard working people get hurt and lives and reputations destroyed.

We welcome you to come learn more about our company and our advocacy to make a difference in the lives of our community and the people we love.

See you on the other side! 


Company Founder

Johnny Scofield is a known International Business Consultant and Founder of FastLegacy International LLC., Mr. Scofield brings to the table a wide variety of diversified experience with over 26 years of Business and Network Marketing experience under his belt. He has vast amount of experience in Direct Sales & Marketing and working on a corporate level taking International business models to the next level. He started his early career at the age of 17 years old and made his first million dollars at the age of 19. He has an intensive Marketing background as a Motivational Speaker, Application Life Success Coach, Business Presenter and Public Relations Speaker and Trainer. Mr. Scofield has brought multitudes of his students to a multiple five and six figure dollar income. Mr. Scofield is recognized as one of the top 20 most well-known people in the world for Affiliate Marketing and success coaching through his training sites and building massive organizations numbering in over 500 thousand in a single organization and is an international business developer. He specializes in Operations, Logistics, Product Development, Advertising, Import/Export, Creative Writings from Sales Copy, Web Copy, Video Copy, Audio Copy, and Article & Press Release Publishing and is an Internal Corporate Management and Ethic Conduct Trainer, including skills in the field of IT Web Development Management, Graphic Designing, Marketing, Publications, Televised Business Media Show Hosting and is an SEO Specialist. His skills and expertise cumulate as well from successful Business Ownership and Operations. He has coached and transformed the lives of tens of thousands around the globe on an international level and has been recognized as a sensational outstanding Business Leader and Coach.

His experiences over the past 26 years has molded him into understanding the market place as a business relations expert and what is needed to market and develop a strong satisfying relationship between FastLegacy and its clientele and prospective entrepreneurs. With his diversified knowledge Mr. Scofield will drive growth and implement Marketing strategies for increased brand awareness of FastLegacy International LLC., here and abroad.

In Mr. Scofield’s own words:

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others and pushing them to the top.”

- Johnny Scofield



As an Affiliate Humanitarian Marketing Company that provides Affiliate Hosting Service, Tools and many other benefits, we really don't gain much in terms of company profitability. Our main priority is to truly give back to the community by providing a monthly Hosting Service with built in software that can potentially and drastically change the lives of the less fortunate online marketers. As you are well aware there are just countless of online and offline opportunities making obscene claims these days of creating wealth for you but the reality is far from the truth. So as a company our main objective is to change this trend and make a real difference in people's lives by providing a special Affiliate Hosting Services with amazing built in marketing software to help you generate sales. Therefore, FastLegacy Rewards System was built upon the foundation of what our society really needs. An Affiliate Web Hosting Service and system to truly help eliminate poverty. We call it "Project Stop Poverty"!


Our Rewards Program is a total turnkey system that anyone can do regardless of past or current experience and has the highest payout than any Affiliate Web hosting Service on the planet today with a total payout of 85% on our Hosting Plan Sales! You won't find a higher payout anywhere! But what makes our Rewards System so unique compared to any other Affiliate opportunity in the industry today? Our custom platform was built for SPEED with an amazing leveraging system that locks everyone in so everyone wins financially! But the best part is, it's all RESIDUAL and PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME with no Hidden Qualifiers, No Ranking, No Quotas, No Compulsory Selling and no Hidden Surprises like Traditional Network Marketing or Direct Selling business models. In fact, FastLegacy International is specifically designed for those who HATE or are tired of the following:

Just Say NO!

• Traditional Network Marketing (MLM)
• Traditional Business
• Employment
• Constant non-stop Recruiting
• Convincing Friends and Family
• Compulsory selling
• And the list goes on and on...

We ONLY have ONE comment to all that - NO WAY!


The End To Poverty Has Arrived!

" FastLegacy is the most powerful income generator on the planet and it will change your life! "

“I’m an 11th grade 16 year old student. For such a small subscription fee I earned 400 dollars Residual Income in just my first 3 weeks! But the amazing part is, it’s a lifetime income! It’s like I’m a retiree!"

“Based on our 1st month doing this business my wife and I quickly generated a RESIDUAL INCOME close to 700 dollars on a small subscription fee that everyone can afford."

Want to see more real life testimonials?

9 Core Benefits

Business Web Hosting Affiliate Program


Simplified Video Tutorial in how to get thousands of visitors to your offer, step by step. Remember the law of numbers in traffic is the name of the game in any business, without visitors you make no sales.

Marketing  Tools

Complete set of Marketing Tools such as editable Lead Capture Pages, Ad Tracking, Built in Autoresponder & 3rd Party Aweber and GetResponse integration, Digital Secretary, Video Integration, Premade Ads and much, much more.

3 Tier Business Web Hosting

Earn on 3 Tier Residuals Business Web Hosting Sales. NOT a traditional MLM platform. There‘s no quotas, ranking or any qualifiers. This is a Direct Sales platform that pays you monthly Residual and Passive Residual Income. No company can compete with our generous humanitarian payout.

2 Tier eStore

Your own Global eStore where you may sell your own products or products of other vendors and earn on 2 Tiers. You earn a total of 8% on the eStore sells of your 2 Tier Salesforce, 85% from Company Affiliates selling your products and 99% to 100% on your own products sells from your online Store Front. NO company has ever offered such a platform worldwide.

Dynamic Compresion

Both Hosting and eStore Tiers comes with full Dynamic Monthly Compression.  We pass on the earnings to you not to the company! This also creates stability and retention in your business.

Vendor Account

Your own eCommerce Storefront. Earn 99% on all your Product Sales. We only charge 1% + basic Credit Card merchant processing fees which many vendors include these fees in their prduct pricing.  So you can earn up to 100% retail sales profit. 


Online Ordering and Centralized Payment System.


Our Video Educational Vault is rich in educational content in a number of other categories. 

It has been proven that Video Visual Learning the brain can see images that last for just 13 millisecond and our eyes can register 36,000 visual messages per hour, we can get the sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second which is known that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. 

24/7 Support

Besides direct Company Support we offer our Company Group chat support where our many Affiliates gather to get their questions answered right away 24/7. We offer a wide range of services through our Affiliate Business Hosting Plan that helps you every step of the way in achieving your business goals from systematic to hands on visual guidance with constant updates to keep you ahead of the fast-changing market. We also conduct weekly presentation webinars. It can’t get any easier than this to guide you every step of the way.

Shopping Portal

Become an Affiliate and receive 3 Tier monthly residual reward benefits from our Business Hosting Plan and all the marketing tools at your disposal, this includes your own eCommerce Store Front which pays out on 2 Tiers. This is soon to be introduced as part of your Affiliate Web Hosting Plan, where you can sell your own personal product line or find great products sold by our vendors worldwide and earn. You will be able to find products in many different categories from health, digital, home, gadgets, automotive, agriculture and the list goes on and on.

Become a Vendor and receive your own ecommerce store front. Not only will you be able to sell your own personal products but when a third-party Vendors product is purchase on your store front by a customer you will receive 4% percent commissions by being part of our Global eStore Network. By becoming a Vendor with our company you will benefit from all our company Affiliates selling your personal products too. earning you 85% profits minus merchant fees.  ( Option 2 does not offer a referral program ).



Shape your future with FastLegacy! 



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