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“Hello! I'm Anne from Cebu City. I started doing this business here in FastLegacy and in just one month I earn $400 in Residual Income. I'm so grateful and thankful to the company and to our Founder Sir Johnny Scofield for providing this wonderful opportunity to help people who have dreams to succeed.”

"Hello every one. I'm Catherine Perez Casin a business entrepreneur of my own traditional business and as well as working for a company as an Accountant. The first time I heard about Online Marketing I was very skeptical, so I just kept on observing and learning by attending the FastLegacy Webinars. Once I familiarize myself with the system I decide to subscribe and now I’m a new Affiliate of FastLegacy and I’m happy to be part with this company. I was also amazed because in my first week as an online marketer with FastLegacy I got good result and earned.

Honestly speaking when it comes to digital online marketing there are loads of commentators that talk a good game but Mr. Aaron, Erwin, Benjun and our CEO/Founder Sir. Johnny Scofield helped me make it happen. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share my FastLegacy story widely. It’s engaging our customers thru a simple 3 step process and commentators alike and bringing our new business great results.

And the price tag for FastLegacy to have an enchanting global business is quite generous. You may wonder and ask, “Is it worth the money?” Well, I can confidently confirm that it definitely was.

The courses covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. Sir Johnny has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing this system but it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedbacks and interacting with the CEO and other affiliates.

The online marketing tools provided gave me the confidence to implement new techniques on my blog immediately, in contrast to my past failed attempts. I didn’t just learn “how” to publish in this market but the – “what” and “why” also became much clearer.

So for those upcoming affiliates of FastLegacy, God bless and we'll see you at the Top."

"Hi Friends! I'm Benjun Amora, a 20 years Veteran in the MLM Industry and now I’m with this amazing company and guess what? It’s not an MLM company but an Affiliate Humanitarian Marketing Company named FastLegacy International. Well, I have to be honest with you it was not easy for me to transition to be an online businessman from my past offline business but as the saying goes, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired then it’s time to look for greener pastures. What I need right now is something stable that’s offers consistent income because I’m not getting any younger. I'm 57 years old right now and my goal is to retire in the next 2 years and with the help of my 800 plus strong Affiliates on my team, I know I can obtain true "financial freedom" and make this dream come true. Please don't ask how much I’m earning in FastLegacy because you probably wouldn’t believe it anyways. (HINT, HINT) Thank You FastLegacy! I will see you all AT THE TOP."

"I am John T. Oporto, one of the respected and trusted Online Entrepreneur and an Affiliate who was invited by the Founder of FastLegacy International. When I took a look at FastLegacy I subscribe right away.

While just newly getting started I have already created a Monthly Residual Income of 200 US Dollars (Php 10,000) and climbing.

Now, the great thing about this Automated Business, it teaches me simple techniques on how to market Online and drive tons of qualified visitors to my website who are looking for a legitimate and easy opportunity that can change their lives.

FASTLEGACY is truly amazing and life changing!"

"It came to my awareness that not all affiliate marketing companies has a humanitarian system that can save poverty! I never realized that when you join an online business, you’ll have also an opportunity to help the needy. I’m very glad to be a part of an amazing platform with the highest technical level in online marketing.

I’m an OFW in Dubai, UAE for almost 12 years. I realized that even you’re already on top of your career, you will still need to secure yourself an investment that you’re really sure with an evocative return. That is to invest in a business. A kind of business that you’ll be happy to be with. I thank God that he lead me to learn about FastLegacy, and I really appreciate the efforts of Mr. Johnny Scofield and the rest of the team to create this futuristic system in affiliate marketing. The system that does not have any bloated hype, hidden surprises or any loopholes.

I am very glad and grateful to be in the right business relationship with FastLegacy!"

"My encounter with FastLegacy changed my life. Not just for the better, but for the best. For someone like me who makes his living through Seafaring, I can see the future where I won't have to go back to the sea anymore. Fastlegacy is a life-changing opportunity. I guarantee you that."

"Hi, my name is Archie Laurejas and I'm new in this field of online business. I decided to try MLM and other Investment Scheme last year because I really hoped it would truly give me time and financial freedom but it didn't work out, it was so hard. Just to find out that some were scams and mostly it was all hype and I realized it takes a years to even make it but that never stopped me from seeking success till I found FastLegacy.

I am so blessed I become part of this company with an advocacy that really touch my heart, it is a platform that not only helps you become truly wealthy but helping people is the heart of this business.

Now I can tell that with this great system it is now 100% possible for me to be successful in my online business. FastLegacy is truly the Best and UNBEATABLE Online Business ever created today!

So, what are you waiting for? Make a difference in the lives of our community and the people we love, start your LEGACY today."

"Hi I'm Usman or known as Man Sandilinia. I’m now a proud FastLegacy Affiliate Online Marketer.

I use to be involved in MLM and not too long ago before being a part of FastLegacy I was invited by my upline from my former company to bring her some products and I did not know that I would actually be introduce to FastLegacy, and after learning about how amazing FastLegacy was, I subscribed immediately. FastLegacy just had so much to offer that I never seen in any offline or online company till now. FastLegacy has a fully automated system that comes second to none! This business model was really design to help people generate a powerful income regardless of experience and addresses the many common chronic problems that make you fail in traditional Network Marketing. Just within my first few months I have earned $945 Dollars Residual and Passive Residual Income and its growing daily!

So if you’re looking for an opportunity that can make a financial difference in your life then jump onboard with FastLegacy and I promise you it will be the best financial decision you will ever make!"

"Hi, ako po pala si Julius Ando 23 years old, isang Security Guard, sa tulong po ng FastLegacy International LLC. na shock ako kasi sa loob lang po ng 3 linggo kumikita na ako ng 18,000 Pesos Residual Income, in fact kahit busy ako sa work kumita parin ako doing this spare time, dahil isa ito sa pinakapowerful automated system, na kung saan pweding baguhin ang ang buhay mo and in short span of time. It is the most powerful online income generator ever created!

Hi, my name is Julius Ando I'm 23 years old working as a Security Guard, I did FastLegacy International LLC. spare time and I was shocked, because within 3 weeks I earned 18,000 Pesos Residual Income while even busy at work! FastLegacy is the most powerful automated system that can help you change your life in a short spand of time... It is the most powerful online income generator ever created!"

“Afterwards I became an Avon products dealer and also worked in Cebu. I then started doing offline Networking Marketing until i resigned from my job but eventually had to applied for a job in Taiwan. I saved up some capital for a business working abroad but the sad issues was the business did not work out but i never gave up on my dreams. I then tried many MLM online business but making money with MLM was very difficult but my failure did not discourage me because I knew it had a lot to do with the system and not just my personal efforts, then I found FastLegacy! 

I’m so thankful to our Almighty God for providing me with this opportunity and I thank the Founder of this company Mr. Johnny Scofield, because it has been the answer to all my prayer.

So my dear friends, relatives and my business partners from my former MLM company, come and give FastLegacy a chance especially for those who are struggling with their MLM business. FastLegacy will help you to fulfill your dreams. Thank you for reading. I’m just sharing the goodness of FastLegacy God bless you all!”

“Hi I’m Juanita T. Tabasan 33yrs old from Philippines and OFW. I start doing this business because of a friend who invited me here and I am so grateful to her and to FastLegacy. I do this business spare time working here abroad and I know with FastLegacy I will soon be able to come home and never be away from my family again. This is truly the greatest opportunity ever. Unlike in MLM Network Marketing the entry to get started sometimes is extremely expensive and not everyone can afford to get involved plus not to mention the difficulty of endless recruiting.

Now I finally see all my dreams coming true with FastLegacy! It’s very easy to earn big here because of the automated system provided. I now finally can help my family and buy the things I really like, unlike before in MLM I was just losing money.  

With such a small subscription fee with FastLegacy, I'm now start to generate a continues income and the interesting part here it’s a lifetime income growing bigger and bigger month after month unlike in MLM it’s just one time income if your downlines don’t buy products or recruit then your income stops there!

With FastLegacy I’m starting to fulfill my dreams and you can too, regardless if you are a student, Housewife, OFW or an Employee anyone can do this and for such a small subscription fee, trust me it’s well worth it to create a lifetime residual income. Thanks for reading. I hope my story will help you make the right decision to get involved. God bless.”

“Hi my name is Herbert and I am an Affiliate of FastLegacy.

Nagtatrabaho ako bilang kargador ng basura at ilang beses ba akong nakatatanggap ng mga paanyaya mula sa mga kamag anak ko na nasa Networking. 2016 nang muli akong nagtrabaho bilang isang Security Guard at sinubukan kong pumasok sa inaalok sakin na Business Opportunity. Noong una kampante ako dahil lagi akong dumadalo sa mga business presentations and Previews pagtapos kong magtrabaho. Halos lahat ng oras iginugol ko sa pag aakalang ito na ang susi sa pangarap ko na Financial and Time freedom. Nung una hindi ako nahirapang magbenta ng products kahit mahal ngunit kalaunan ay halos hindi ko na maibenta ang products at nalimitahan na rin ang pagpasok ng mga downlines ko ng mga magiging downlines nila hanggang sa isa isa silang nagkalasan kahit na sinubukan kong maging transparent at updated sa kanila.

Isang araw, may nagalok sa akin ng isang business opportunity na hindi mo na kailangang magbenta ng mahal na products mangumbinsi para lang makapagpasok ng mga downlines sa binary mo or kahit ang mamuhunan. Sinubukan kong i-try and then nagulat ako sa resulta dahil sa loob lang ng tatlong linggo ay mabilis akong nagkaresulta. Kaya naman itinuloy ko dito ang mga nasimulan ko at ngayon ay umaarangkada na at patuloy pang kumikita.

Salamat sayo Fast Legacy sa Opportunity na ibinahagi mo sakin.

“Good day!

Ako si Antonio Balaba Jr. na kilala sa palayaw na Tony!

Paano ko nga ba nakilala ang FastLegacy at Paano ba ako naging affiliate ng Fastlegacy?

Di ko masasagot ang tanong na ito kong hindi ko simulan sa umpisa. Please bear with me kasi magtatalambuhay ako ng aking karanasan haha chos!

Tatlong tao lang ang dahilan kung bakit ako naging affiliate ng fastlegacy. Una, ang taong nagpakilala sa akin sa Fastlegacy. Pangalawa, ang taong sumundo sa akin. At ang pangatlo, ang taong nagtyagang nagbigay ng buong oras niya para ipabatid sa akin ang kagandahang bigay ng Fastlegacy.

Ang unang taong nagmulat sa akin tungkol sa fastlegacy ay ang taong malapit sa aking buhay na walang iba ang aking kaibigan at kasama sa loob ng seminaryo. Siya ay si Domil. Nakwento niya sa akin ang Fastlegacy via facebook. Sabi nya na may nakilala daw siyang isang kompanya na kakasimula pa lamang. Sempre, bilang may karanasan sa networking business parang gusto kong igrab ang opportunity para maging una at makapwesto. Ganun na nga! Dahil nacurious ako, sabi ko “tara puntahan natin”, Kaso ang sagot sa akin brother “di ako makapunta kasi dito ako sa Cebu. Gustohin ko man pero hindi kaya baka sa ibang buwan pa ako makapunta. Kung pwedi ikaw muna pupunta ako balitaan mo ako kung anong complan ng kompanya. Ako bahala sa gastosin mo at libre pa kita ng account.” Nagulat ako sa sagot niya pero dahil libre, sempre I grabbed the opportunity, ako mismo ang pumunta sa office para alamin kung ano nga ba ang Fastlegacy.

Ang office ng fastlegacy ay hindi pa sa Eastwood. Nasa Twin Tower pa ito malapit sa Megamall. Dun ko rin na kilala ang pangalawang tao na naging tulay para mas mapalapit ako sa katotohanan ng Fastlegacy. Siya si Alvin Amora. Siya mismo ang komuntak sa akin kung saan kami magkikita. Nauna ako sa Tower kaya umakyat ako at hinanap ko ang office. Nangnasapintuan na ako ng office, walang tao. Sarado pa kaya inantay ko si Alvin sa ground floor. At di nga nagtagal dumating siya. Sabi nya, ang office pala ay under construction pa at marami pag renovation kaya hindi na kami pumasok. Instead, nagdecide kami na pumunta na lang sa Eastwood sa Condo ng Fastlegacy Creator, para makilala ko din, So from Megamall to Eastwood nagbyahe kami. Haba ng byahe kung alam ko lang dumeritso na ako sa Eastwood haha.

Pagdating namin sa Eastwood, umakyat kami sa Excelsior Tower (at present dito na ang bagong office sa Suite 11N) sa Office unit mismo ng founder. Dito ko na meet personally ang founder si Johnny Scofiled. Ang bata niya, napakasimple, di ko inakala na namet ko ang multimillionaire :D. Nang siya ay nagsalita at ipinakilala sa akin ang opportunity na bigay ng Fastlegacy na mulat agad ako sa katotohanan at napaWOW dahil napakaganda talaga ng opportunity. Noone in this world na makakalevel ng Fastlegacy. Mas na antig pa ang puso ko ng ibinahagi sa akin ang ADVOCACY ng company which is to help the poor- sa mga home of the Elderly, Boystown, mga bata sa lansangan at mga nasalanta ng natural na kalamidad. Sa kaibuturan ng puso ko na sabi ko na “ito na ang sagot sa mga pangarap ko!” Hindi man ako natuloy sa pagpapari at nagawa nag misyon ko na tumulong sa iba, pero ang FastLegacy ang nagpakompleto nito. Kaya within a week after ng one on one seminar, pinag-iponan ko at nagpamember ako ng FASTLEGACY.

Ngayon ako ay masayang affiliate marketer. Ito na ang jackpot sa buhay ko. Ang hindi ko naranasan sa traditional networking o sa multi-level marketing ay naranasan ko sa Fastlegacy, may additional pa! Hindi lang gumagaan ang buhay ko, kundi gumagaan din ang buhay ng mga natutulungan ko sa pamamagitan ng systema na dulot ng FastLegacy. Truly, Fastlegacy is a humanitarian project to “STOP POVERTY!!!”

“Ako nga pala si Arjay Rino tubong tondo laking pasay vocational college graduate ng tesda, maagang nagtrabaho para makatulong sa magulang, maaga din nakapag asawa at anak, pero may mga pangyayari na hindi inaasahan kaya nagdesisyon kami maghiwalay ng mama ng anak ko, kaya simula nun umuwi kami dito sa probinsiya namin sa leyte nun 2012, sa awa ng Diyos survivor kami ng Yolanda, after nun may nag recruit sa lugar namin ng Cafgu (Citizen Armed Forced Geographical Unit) sa ngayon 3yrs na ako sa serbisyo, naisipan ko sumali sa business ng FastLegacy as a sideline habang wala akong duty, ginagawa ko to para sa anak ko, special child ang anak ko at proud ako bilang Single dad dahil binigyan ako ni God ng isang anghel, anak ko ang inspirasyon ko kya nagsisikap aq magtrabaho kya pinasok ko ang business ng FastLegacy.”

“As an Entrepreneur, I see that Network Marketing is a good source of income however Filipinos are sick and tired of Networking and leaders mislead them on how to properly address the business. There is just so much hype, so much lying, so many broken promises and the need to never stop recruiting. Sometimes I wonder if there is a way to stop recruiting even if you're earning huge amount of money. Best thing is FastLegacy answered all my questions thru this complete Automated Affiliate Marketing Platform. Here in Fast Legacy, you can take a vacation for a month, 6 months or even 1 year without doing anything and still earn once you have establish a strong foundation. 

Just don't forget to subscribe. 

The Future is here! 

FastLegacy is truly amazing!”

“I am former Sales Consignor at Robinson's Department Store and also an OFW, a sacrifice that was not easy to which was to leave my homeland. I been an Employee for 12 years but nothing has changed in my life. I still could not afford the good life. It was just more stress and less money. I joined many MLM networking company hoping that my life would change and make my dreams into reality, but still nothing did changed, until i clicked on a link that caught my curiosity and I found FastLegacy an International company. It was just so amazing and i took action right away and I earned $200 Residual Income in just my first 2 weeks very spare time. The change in my life started happening, not just the amount of money in my wallet but also my mind and heart was changed. I loved the advocacy PROJECT STOP POVERTY.


“Hello! I am Nouman Amin from Mardan City , KPK, Pakistan. I started my business in FastLegacy with just $40 and now I earn more than $200 every month Residual Income and growing. Before joining a FastLegacy I did not find such an opportunity. FastLegacy is an amazing earning system. I am very thankful to FastLegacy and its Founder Johnny Scofield."

“Hi my name is Armando Laure from Muntinlupa City, dati nung hindi ko pa natutunan at natuklasan itong PROVEN SYSTEM na tumulong sa akin para kumita online while having a full time job. Parang akong nanga-ngapa sa dilim na hindi alam yung pupuntahan, kung baga walang CLEAR destination yung business ko. Bago ko sayo sabihin tong SYSTEM na ginagamit ko, kwentuhan lang muna kita saglit kung paano ako nagsimula at nakapasok sa ganitong klaseng business. Ok lang ba?

A couple years ago, nagsimula ako sa isang Network Marketing business o MLM. Hindi ko alam kung anong business background mo pero kung isa ka rin networker panigurado maintindihan mo ako. Kagaya ng maraming networker nahirapan din ako sa business ko, wala akong ma recruit, ma-imbita sa opis para mapakitaan ng business presentation, kahit lahat ng mga kakilala ko, kamag-anak, kaibigan ay naimbita kona pero ni isa walang sumali. Muntikan na talaga akong ma BURNOUT. To make the story short, hindi ako kumita sa business ko. Puro palabas lang yung pera at walang pumapasok, pang gastos araw- araw papunta sa opis, pan libre sa invites, marketing expenses, etc. Halos kalahati ng sahod ko napunta lang sa expenses ng business ko. Aaminin ko sayo muntikan na din ako sumuko, pero malaki talaga yung reason “WHY ko”, yung tipong lahat gagawin mo para magka resulta lang at maging successful sa business. Kaya yung ginawa ko, naghanap at naghanap lang talaga ako ng solusyon sa mga problema ko, nag-umpisa akong maghanap ng solusyon sa INTERNET, I'm glad to say, I FOUND the solution to my problem.

Kakaiba tong strategy nato, hindi ito yung typical training na napapanood sa ilan MLM company. Sa katunayan kabaliktaran ito nun sa mga tinuturo sa MLM company training , ang tawag dito ay FASTLEGACY not an MLM company... it is an Affiliate Humantarian MARKETING Company. Hindi ganun kadali tong konseptong ito at may tamang proseso, isa lang yung siguradong maipapayo ko sayo start EDUCATING yourself and acquiring necessary skills.

Lahat ng mga kakilala kung top earner and successful internet marketers, they are all voracious Leaders. The secret is, I simply copy those people and take massive action into my business. At ngayon na reliaze ko na kaya pala ako nahihirapan sa business ko dati, yun ay dahil wala pa akong sapat na kaalaman at tamang skills sa business. Wala pa akong proper skills of recruiting, sponsoring, handling objections, etc., etc. Para ka maging successful sa business nato kaylangan mong matutunan at aralin ang mga tamang skills and apply it. Kung gusto mong matutunan yung mga tamang skills sa business mo para ka magka resulta. Kung gusto munang mag invest para sa sarili mo at aralin ang FASTLEGACY, may ire-recommend akong SYSTEM na tumulong sa akin para magka resulta sa business ko. Yung SYSTEM na maraming regular Filipino na ang nakinabang at nagka resulta. The good news is, the SYSTEM is available for all action takers only and that’s FastLegacy!"

“Hi! I am Muhammad Yasir 21 years old and live in Bakhshali Mardan, Pakistan. Before being a part of FastLegacy, I was living a boring life because I didn't have money to pay my college tuition fees and my father was financially weak. But now I'm so happy and I can't express my emotions and feelings about FastLegacy strong enough because this is the easiest way to earn a lot of money in just very short time. I started earning money from day one!

Thanks to Sir Johnny Scofield and Thanks to FastLegacy."

“Assalamu alaikum!

I am Ehsan Ur Rehman 20 years old and student of Computer Science from Abdul Wali Khan University of Mardan, Pakistan. As a student, I experienced tuition problems. I thought about giving up on my study when I entered the second semester coz of financial problem, but I'm thankful to our Almighty Allah for bringing me to FastLegacy, this is an amazing opportunity.

I can say that FASTLEGACY is the answer to my prayers."

“I’m Ryan Camasis of Bikol. I’m 28 yrs old. Dati po akong MLM Networker. Aminin ko, ang hirap ang pinagdaanan ko doon sa daming rejection ng mga prospect ko at walang nangyari at hindi ako nagkaresulta but now I’m so thankful na napasali ako dito sa FastLegacy International LLC., dahil dito ko nakikita ang tamang systema at ang ganda ng advocacy ng company. Sa loob ng isang buwan kumita na ako ng 10,000 Residual Income.

Thank you FastLegacy!"

“FastLegacy is truly a life changing opportunity; it gives you a lifetime business opportunity with no stress and allows you to just focus on your dreams. I earned $400 dollars in just my first 2 weeks and I use to be financially poor but when I subscribed to this great company, my life started to change unexpectedly…

It's a truly life changing!"

“Ako nga pala si Limar Bacolongan, lumaki sa Samar vocational college graduate at lumuwas ng Manila para magtrabaho para makatulong sa magulang. Naging bindor dito sa Manila kaya pinasok ko ang FastLegacy para sa pangarap ko bigyan ng magandang buhay ang sarili ko. Kumita na ako dito ng 10,000 pesos in fact kahit busy ako sa gawain ko kumita pa din ako. Thank you FastLegacy!"

“Hi everyone I’m Emmanuel Garing from Batangas, Philippines. When I was child my mother immediately tried her luck overseas to support our needs after the passing of my Father. Life was not easy since my Father past away when I was just only 7 years old and my mother working abroad. As time went by with much hardship I eventually graduated high school and I was very eager to help my family, so I tried to find a part time job to test my ability and of course to earn money. I graduated as a Computer Technician but my interest in this field eventually faded away. I tried many different jobs and to name a few, jobs like, helper, garbage collector, hard labor, waiter, service crew, networking, sales agent, property consultant, painter, cook, dishwasher, and many more but I knew none of these would help me reach my dreams, then one day through Mr. Alvin Roche I was introduced to Fast Legacy Marketing International Inc., At first i was very skeptical and I found it hard to believe what I was hearing but something in the back of my mind was pushing me to give it a try, so I got involved and subscribed. Alvin was very patient with me and guided me every step of the way in how to do this business and now I’m so appreciative of him. When I started doing this business I was completely amazed because just from day one I already earned a Residual income of 2,000 pesos that’s around 40 U.S. dollars. With my initial results, the first thing that came to my mind was to thank God. Now I’m really excited and looking forward to building this business for a lifetime and not just because I’m personally earning but because of the unique system offered by FastLegacy that can help anyone earn regardless of their experience or educational background and the best part is, the humble advocacy attached to it to help the poor. I am very sure FastLegacy is the answer to all my dreams.

So listen up, don’t waste your time and grab this opportunity now, it will truly change your life!

I hope to see you soon be a part of FastLegacy!”

“I am Maribel Cedeño. I am currently working in Saudi Arabia. I am a wealth dreamer woman and I have a positive mindset in business. I have been Involved in MLM for about a year and it’s not doing very well for me with only one distributor in my downline, MLM is just not easy and I’m not really making any money with It, then I was introduced to FastLegacy by my business partner and I was like, “wow”! I was very impressed because it’s so easy to make money with FastLegacy that I can actually see myself sharing this with the people I love and care about so I decided to grab the opportunity, I’m just so inspired. I saw how I could help my friends, relatives and whoever needs to earn an extra income. Unlike in MLM instead of people running away from me they actually grab the opportunity because of the Copy Paste Marketing System and how everything is so automated! There is just a huge difference of this compared to MLM. So if you are looking for an opportunity then don’t hesitate to give FastLegacy a try, it can change your life!

Thanks for letting me share and God Bless!”

“Hello. I am Keith Tongol 24 years old from Tarlac City.

FastLegacy has helps me so much, even though it was my first time in the Online Business Industry. I’m always learning new things and new skills, more every day.

I earned 10,000 Pesos - $200 Dollars in Residual Income in my first 2 Weeks and I get to know more people and acquire a lot of new friends.

FastLegacy has helped me build my confidence and keeps enhancing my skills as a Leader.

Be part of this one of a kind company and a very down to earth Founder, Mr. Johnny Scofield.”

“Hi! My name is Waven Carilo, a hHusband and a Father of a lovely daughter. I grew up in agricultural land in Albay, which taught me the value of hard work. It also taught me that farming was a terrible business model–dependent on weather, fluctuating crop prices and backbreaking physical work.

Like a lot of people, I was groomed to be an employee and took the same path like everyone else as expected after their long years of studies. I was thrilled to be hired in a company that pays me for a living, for this was the whole point of going to school for years – to be an employee, living “paycheck to paycheck”.

Presently, I am teaching Out-of-school for the Youth and Adults under the DepEd Program called Alternative Learning System (ALS).

As a teacher, It is difficult to live with a meager income but prominent for extravagant spending and traveling a lot… pa-London, London, Italy lang, LOL! (you know what I mean) – LOAN, utang dito, utang doon and becoming more desperate financially for I could never provide something that my family can enjoy without burying myself further in debt. I saw the limitation of my income and opportunities of being an employee. I knew I wanted something different. I wanted to become rich so I can have the financial and time freedom my family and I deserve, so I started seeking for solutions to cover my expenses and provide foods for the aching stomach of my family. Upon looking for solutions on the internet, I found out about Affiliate Marketing and how powerful this business model can be. A few months later I started my first affiliate marketing business, which is Fast Legacy Marketing International Inc.

Now, my income has reach to 2,000 Pesos – 40 Dollars Residual Income per day and what I earn this month I get that all over again the following month! So month by month my income just keeps growing exponentially!

Thanks to FastLegacy! I can now buy the things that I want and I can now provide more luxury of a lifestyle for my family.”

“I am a student of Software Engineering, studying here in my country Pakistan, I am 20 years old and I have done a lot of online jobs as a freelancer which needs a lot of struggle and awaken nights. A friend of mine suggested me FastLegacy but firstly I thought this was a Scam but then I learned about it and became a part of this business, then I understood that this is the perfect way to earn more money with a very small investment and a little bit of honest work and dedication. If you are looking for a better future you must be a FastLegacy Affiliate!”

“I am Hanessy Andajao, from Juray Toledo City Cebu Philippines and currently working here in Kuwait City as Household Worker. I am now doing FastLegacy International LLC., as my part time online business to earn extra income so I can add more to my bank account and save up. You guys need to grab the opportunity to be a part of FasLegacy, it will change your life! Thank you for letting me share and God Bless everyone!”

“Hi, I'm sherly an OFW in Saudi Arabia. I have another business but sad to say it’s not doing good. I then found FastLegacy and subscribed right away and I’m so thankful that I did because I earned more here than my other business. Now I can earn a big income with FastLegacy and soon I can stop working as an OFW because of FastLegacy creates enough income for me.

FastLegacy is a very good and easy business that anyone can do and it’s helping people reach their dreams and making them come true!

I feel so lucky to belong to this business because I can now earn more than what I expected and it’s making all my dreams come true and I believe FastLegacy is the only true opportunity that can help me do this.

Thank you po, especially to the founder of this business, Mr. Johnny Scofield.”

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