Terms & condition

I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and understand that the Agreement is not binding until received and accepted by (FLI) FastLegacy International LLC. I understand if I am under the age of 18 years old, (FLI) requires parental consent for me to become an active Subscriber/Affiliate.

I agree to abide with all the rules, regulations, policies and procedures as set forth by (FLI), in its Policies and Procedures (a copy of which is available at or through the Company), in this Agreement, and in any amendments, supplements, or replacements in the future.

I will only become an Affiliate upon acceptance of this Agreement by (FLI). As an Affiliate, I shall have the right to indorse the products and services in accordance with FastLegacy Rewards Plan.

I acknowledge that I am not an employee of (FLI), and shall not be entitled to receive from (FLI) any benefits whatsoever appurtenant only to an employee and (FLI) shall not be required to make contributions for employment insurance, any health or social security pension plan, worker's compensation and any other similar levies in respect of payments to be made to me as an (FLI) Affiliate. (FLI) will withhold taxes related to any Product Commissions and Reward Earnings.

I acknowledge that as an Affiliate, I am not purchasing a franchise or exclusive distributorship, and no fees outside this Affiliate agreement will be required of me for the right to distribute (FLI) products pursuant to this agreement, with the exception provided in the Marketing Materials approved by (FLI). I acknowledge that this Affiliateship may only be transferred to all legal heirs upon death or incapacitation.

I acknowledge that (FLI) reports all my, Reward Earnings, Bonuses and Commissions to the appropriate regulatory agencies in the Philippines, and has provided a bona-fide Tax Identification Number (TIN) for this purpose.

I understand that this is a Subscription based Affiliateship and I have agreed to pay the Affiliateship monthly business hosting subscription fee to maintain my account which commences upon the activation of this Subscription and I will be billed in a 30 - Day Cycle. None payment of my monthly Affiliateship dues will forfeit all my privileges stated herein. None payment for one (1) year, my Affiliateship will be purged from the system losing all my benefits, Bonuses, Rewards and Commissions and Affiliates permanently. If my account has fallen in to an inactive status for any period of time I understand that I will forfeit all Rewards and Commissions throughout that inactive period. I understand if I am to personally terminate my subscription I will not be able to re-subscribe for a period of 90 days to protect the integrity of the system of unethical business practices.

(FLI) has the right to terminate my Affiliateship at any time due to any violation of rules, code of conducts, policies and procedures. If terminated by (FLI) I will not be able to subscribe again for a period of 1 year. I may be referred again by another active FastLegacy Affiliate preceding the expiration of my anniversary termination date with the written approval of (FLI).

I further understand that all rights to Rewards, Bonuses and Commissions; my (FLI) Affiliateship; and the opportunity to purchase products from (FLI) at Affiliate discounted prices shall immediately be forfeited permanently should my account be terminated for whatever cause.

I certify that neither (FLI) nor my Referrer has made any claims or guaranteed earnings or representations of anticipated earnings that might result earnings or representations of anticipated earnings that might result from my efforts or the efforts of others and all Reward earnings are based upon the FastLegacy Rewards structure. I understand that my Reward earnings will be based upon my own marketing efforts and the marketing efforts of my fellow affiliates linked to me and upon qualifying marks of the FastLegacy Rewards System that is based on an Affiliateship and a point system with no specific daily, weekly, monthly or yearly earnings have been established or specified as guaranteed. I understand that I may not make any verbal or written statements regarding claims of rewards or potential earnings that might result from my efforts or the efforts of others. I understand that the FastLegacy Rewards Plan is based on sales of educational services and products and is not an investment program in any shape or form and shall not be presented as such. I understand that Reward earnings are also generated based on Subscription sales and not on recruitment.

I understand that (FLI) reserves the right to add, change adjust, remove, enhance or make any changes or provisions to its Rewards Plan at any time without prior given notice to its Affiliates.

I'm fully aware that (FLI) has complied with all the permits licenses with all the regulatory agencies related to its businesses. In the event a question shall arise concerning legal compliance of (FLI), such question shall be submitted to (FLI) in writing.

I agree to indemnify and to hold (FLI) free and harmless from any and all claims, damages, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising out of my actions and conduct in violation of this Agreement.

In subscribing new Affiliates, I agree to promote (FLI) Affiliateship, Products and Services. I will assist by performing a bona-fide supervisory function in the sales and orientation to prospective in all FastLegacy system functions. Only written marketing material that is produced by (FLI) can be used in my marketing activities. Any marketing material that I think can help in my marketing activities should have written approval from (FLI).

I understand that the (FLI) program is built upon providing Business Web Hosting Services and built in Software along with a personal ecommerce shopping Portal/eStore along with educational services and retail sales to ultimate consumers and I am entitled to purchase product for my own personal or family use or for retail purposes.

(FLI) provides each Affiliate with their personal genealogy information thru their Online Back Office, and such sensitive materials given to me as an Affiliate remains proprietary to (FLI). I agree that this information will remain confidential and cannot be disclose to any third party directly or indirectly nor use the information to compete with (FLI) either directly or indirectly. This obligation still applies even after the termination of my Affiliate account for whatever reason.

By entering my Tax Identification Number (TIN) in my profile, I am certifying that the number(s) shown in the form is correct.

I understand and agree that all claims and disputes relating to this Agreement, the right and obligation of the parties or any other claims or causes of action relating to the performance of either party under this Agreement and/or purchase of products or services shall be settled thru the governing Philippines legal system. The prevailing party will be entitled to recover costs associated with the resolution of the dispute which includes attorney’s fee and cost in addition to any judgment that may be awarded.